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Cuba’s 10 Most Influential Women in 2020

By Rosi del Valle

Last year was one of the most difficult for artists and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, music events were not possible. However, the artistic movement in Cuba did not stop. Social media was flooded with concerts from every genre.

Women artists made a difference during this time of total isolation. That’s why we prepared this list of the 10 most influential women in 2020 as a tribute to them in this Women´s History Month. All of them are great singers, and really talented musicians.

10. Luna Manzanares:

luna Manzanaers

Luna Manzanares is part of the young generation of Cuban singers. Last year she released a new album “Luna Nueva”, made up of her own songs, and ventured herself into musical theater. She also made her debut as host of the “Adolfo Guzman” Song Festival.

9. Aymeé Nuviola:

aymee nuviola

Aymée Nuviola is a Cuban/American singer based in the United States. Winner of the 2020 Grammy Award in the Best Tropical Latin Album category for “A Journey Through Cuban Music”.

8. Gretell Barreiro:

gretel barreiro

Gretell Barreiro is a peculiar Cuban singer and pianist. In her most recent musical production, “Marina”, she highlighted femininity through various genres of Cuban music.

7. La Reina y La Real:

la reina y la real

La Reina y la Real is a female Rap duo based in Havana, Cuba. These rappers released their most recent phonogram “Mirame” on April 3, 2020, under Bis Music record label. During the confinement, they participated in various international online programs and festivals.

6. Haila Maria Mompié:

haila maria mompie

Haila María Mompié is a very popular icon in the Cuban music scene. Last year Haila premiered her new children’s music album “A song to the smile”, licensed by EGREM record label. She also frequently offered online concerts.

5. Dayme Arocena:

dayme arocena

Dayme is one of the youngest artists dedicated to mixing Afro-Cuban music with Jazz, having already achieved a prominent career. She’s also one of the singers who really emphasizes women’s right to art, regardless of their race.

4. Brenda Navarrete:

brenda navarrete

Brenda Navarrete is a surprising percussionist and singer with a very active career in Havana, Cuba. She is also a composer and jazz musician invited to the Global Cuba Fest 21 in Miami. She stands out for reflecting Afro-Cuban rhythms in her songs.

3. Diana Fuentes:

diana fuentes

Diana Fuentes is a very versatile Cuban singer, currently based in Miami. She and Divan (Cuban reggaeton artist) starred in the song “Otra Boca”, one of the most popular last year. Diana captured the attention of the Spanish singer Pablo Alboran, with whom she co-authored two songs.

2. Telmary:


Telmary is one of the most powerful voices of Cuban rap and former member of Free Hole Negro and Interactivo bands. Together with her group, Habana Sana, she has had a strong impact on social networks. Being considered an icon for style, she launched her accessory brand “Tumbao de Telma” last October.

1. Omara Portuondo:

omara portuondo

Omara Portuondo was selected by several magazines as the most important Cuban woman of 2020. She is also a national glory. Omara received another Grammy nomination for her latest album “Mariposas”, with the collaboration of several artists. She was one of the first to join the online concert strategy.

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