Actionable Feedback Policy


Overview of Our Feedback Policy:

Havana Music Tours’ (Musical Getaways LLC) Actionable Feedback Policy. Last Updated: May 29th, 2024

At Havana Music Tours, customer feedback is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. We recognize that the insights and experiences shared by our clients are essential for continually refining our services. Our dedication to listening and responding to feedback ensures that we can consistently provide outstanding, personalized travel experiences.

Methods of Collecting Feedback:

We offer multiple convenient channels for our customers to share their feedback:

  • In-Person: During tours, our guides actively seek feedback to address any immediate concerns and enhance the experience.
  • Email: After tours, we encourage clients to email us with their detailed feedback, allowing for thoughtful and personalized responses.
  • Public Platforms: We welcome reviews and testimonials on TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and our social media pages, providing transparency and helping future clients make informed decisions.

Types of Feedback:

We are open to all forms of feedback, including:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Overall experiences and satisfaction levels.
  • Tour Suggestions: Ideas for new tours or improvements to existing ones.
  • Complaints: Any issues or concerns encountered during the tour.
  • Compliments: Positive experiences and highlights of the tour.

This broad approach ensures we comprehensively view our clients’ experiences.

Feedback Review Process:

Feedback is meticulously reviewed to ensure thorough understanding and appropriate action:

  • Initial Review: Feedback is first reviewed by our director and owner, Chaz Chambers, who documents and prioritizes it.
  • Team Involvement: Feedback is then shared with the entire team, including tour guides, during regular meetings to foster a collaborative approach to addressing feedback.
  • Categorization and Action: Feedback is categorized, and action plans are developed to address any issues or implement suggestions. Immediate concerns are addressed promptly to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

Response Time:

We strive to acknowledge and respond to all feedback within 24-48 hours. For urgent matters, we aim to provide immediate attention to resolve any issues swiftly and effectively.

Actions Taken on Feedback:

To ensure we act on feedback effectively:

  • Documentation: All feedback is documented and reviewed.
  • Team Discussions: Feedback is discussed during team meetings to generate ideas and solutions.
  • Implementation: Necessary changes or improvements are implemented based on the feedback.
  • Follow-Up: We follow up with customers to inform them of the actions taken and ensure their satisfaction with the resolution.

Engagement with the Public:

We engage with our customers and the public through various channels to ensure their voices are heard:

  • Social Media: Active engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows us to interact with our community.
  • Review Sites: We monitor and respond to reviews on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, showing our commitment to addressing public feedback.

Transparency and Reporting:

Transparency is key to our feedback process:

  • Regular Reporting: We provide summaries of feedback received and actions taken in our newsletters and on our website.
  • Open Communication: Customers are kept informed about how their feedback is used to improve our services.
  • Accountability: Our team is accountable for ensuring that feedback is addressed promptly and effectively.


We take the privacy and confidentiality of feedback seriously:

  • Private Channels: Customers can provide feedback confidentially via email or direct communication.
  • Data Protection: Measures are in place to protect personal information and ensure that sensitive feedback is handled discreetly.

Continuous Improvement:

Feedback is integral to our continuous improvement efforts:

  • Service Enhancements: We use feedback to refine our services, enhance customer experiences, and develop new offerings.
  • Training: Our team undergoes regular training based on feedback to improve their skills and service quality.
  • Innovation: Feedback drives innovation in our tour planning, ensuring we offer unique and memorable experiences.

Contact Information:

We make it easy for customers to share their feedback:

At Havana Music Tours, we are dedicated to creating exceptional travel experiences by actively listening to and acting on our customers’ feedback. Your insights help us to continually grow and excel in providing top-tier tour services.