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Cuba fundraisers

Help us raise funds for Cuban musicians

We are always dedicated to supporting the Cuban people, not only with our tourism but by providing Cubans with necessities that a brutal U.S. embargo doesn’t allow easy access to.

This section of our site is dedicated to raising money for Cubans and Cuban musicians.

Our current goal is to bring recording gear to working-class Cuban musicians.

The modern musician typically has the ability to teach, record, and perform globally. We believe as musicians ourselves, that providing recording equipment to Cuban musicians is essential for them to participate in the global music scene.

We are looking to raise at least $1,350 before the end of the year to bring 10 recording interface packages that will include an audio interface, headphones, a condenser microphone, and a mic cable.

This package will help musicians record their art in a more professional way. It will allow them to record their instrument remotely for potential clients around the world. It will also allow them to give online lessons with a high-quality live audio stream.

Havana Music Tours will be responsible for all transportation of these items to Cuba, as well as any taxes or fees incurred by Cuban customs. We will make sure these recording packages get into the hands of the talented musicians that need them the most.

We plan to purchase at least 10 of these recording bundles: Behringer U-PHORIA STUDIO Complete Recording/Podcasting Bundle

recording package

Cuba Fundraisers

Cuba Fundraisers