This section of our site is dedicated to raising money for Cubans and Cuban musicians.

We are always dedicated to supporting the Cuban people, not only with our tourism niche but by providing Cubans with necessities that the brutal U.S. embargo doesn’t allow easy or affordable access to.

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We currently have 2 donation campaigns

1. Help La Conga de Los Hoyos finish their album in Santiago de Cuba.

“La Conga de Los Hoyos“ isn’t just a conga group; it’s the heartbeat of Santiago de Cuba, a living testament to a rich tapestry of sounds that have echoed through the streets for over a century. Born from the fusion of African, Franco-Haitian, and Spanish melodies, their music tells stories of joy, community, and the spirit of Cuba.

Their latest endeavor, “La Conga de Cuba,” is more than just an album. It’s a journey through time, blending the age-old rhythms of traditional conga with contemporary beats, and featuring collaborations with both legendary and emerging Cuban artists. Each track is a story, a memory, a dance. From the soulful voice of Beatriz Márquez in “Siboney” to the innovative fusions of electronic elements in “La caliente,” this album is a celebration of where they’ve come from and where they’re headed.

But they need your help. This fundraiser is a call to action, an invitation to be part of their story. Your support will ensure that “La Conga de Cuba” reaches hearts worldwide, reminding us all of the power of music to connect, inspire, and uplift. Let’s come together and ensure that the legacy of “La Conga de Los Hoyos” continues to thrive and touch souls for generations to come.

They only need around $700 to make it happen… Let’s help them out!

2. Bring laptops to working-class Cuban musicians so they can produce their music and join the digital world with media management capabilities.

The modern musician typically has the ability to teach, record, and perform globally with digital assets. We believe as musicians ourselves, that providing laptops to Cuban musicians is essential for them to participate in the global music economy

We are looking to raise at least $2,750 before the end of the year to bring at least 4 recording and video editing capable Apple Macbook Pros to Cuba. We are limited on how many computers we can bring to Cuba at one time, but we know we can get them into the hands of musicians who really need them. We believe this will give much-needed opportunity to musicians who really need laptops.

We will intelligently select high-end used Macbook Pros from reputable websites like, then we will bring these laptops to Cuba and distribute them to the musicians we feel need them the most, as well as the musicians who will fully take advantage of this type of donation.

1. La Conga de Los Hoyos Album

2. Laptops For Cuban Musicians