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Travel to Cuba with Musicians and Musicologists.

Join us on our Cuba tours and immerse yourself in the authentic music performances and cultural delights of Cuba. Our tours offer a unique opportunity to connect with the Cuban people and their rich musical heritage. Whether you’re a musician or simply someone who loves music, our tours have something for everyone.

At Havana Music Tours, we provide a life-changing experience that includes Cuban dancing, top-rated restaurants, Cuban farming, mindfulness, art, education, museums, architecture, shopping, and meaningful interactions with the Cuban people. Our tours are carefully planned to take you on a journey through the history of Cuban music, where you’ll meet some of the best musicians around Cuba.

Each night, you’ll visit a different music club, theater, or event with different music styles like Son, Rumba, Latin Jazz, Boleros, Afro Beats, and maybe even some Cuban Reggaeton. We offer tours with different themes and durations designed to cater to your interests and travel time.

We prefer to stay in Casa Particulares and Villas, privately owned homes that give you the most authentic experience of Cuban culture and rituals. Our tour package includes all dinners except for the last night, and we choose top-rated Paladares (private restaurants) for our meals. In general, the quality of dining is well above expectations, and we typically eat in a family style at almost every meal. We make sure to accommodate our vegan and vegetarian friends, too.

Experience everything that Cuba has to offer with our enthusiastic and inviting tours. Book now, and let us take you on a Cuban music and culture journey!

The BEST Cuba tours…

There are many Cuba tours out there to choose from. If you are interested in music and culture and want to learn and interact directly with musicians and musicologists. We are the best Cuba tour agency and back that up with all 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

We include your luxurious “Casa Particular” or “Villa” in the tour price. Each one is hand-selected by us and quality tested.

“Casa Particular” is the Spanish phrase to describe a privately owned bed and breakfast style house or room for rent. Casa Particulares are the best option for supporting and interacting with the Cuban people. We highly recommend them!

You can view sample itineraries for each of our tours on their respective pages

About a week or so before you depart for your tour we will provide a uniquely arranged and final itinerary for each day of your tour. It will feature the most up-to-date live performance schedules for all musical and non-musical events. It will also include all of the places we will visit. This is usually very similar to the sample itinerary, but it will have more details such as the time frames, artist/venue names, etc.

Each tour is unique and fits different travelers’ desires.

In Cuba, most of the primary musical performances can occur really late at night. Band start times can range from 10pm-1am each night.

In addition to your daily itinerary, we maintain an optional late night schedule that features private reservations to the best music venues in Havana and beyond. If you wish to go, we also include the entry to each musical event into your Casa-Inclusive-package. (By the way, some entries to venues will include a couple of free cocktails.)

We will see some of the best musicians in Cuba authenticly performing styles such as Afro-Cuban Rumba, Latin Jazz, Traditional, Afro-Funk, Timba (Salsa), and more.

Most of your food is included on your trip. Each tour has different and specific meal inclusions, but all of them include breakfast. For the most part, we like to eat family-style at all of the best restaurants in Cuba. Certain tours may include lunches and/or dinners, and there are some free days to have a private meal on your own (if you wish). Usually, breakfast is pretty fulfilling, so snacks may be appropriate when walking around on some days. We have discovered that sitting down at a restaurant to eat 3 times per day with a group takes up too much time… and we have lots of stuff to see!! Don’t worry, you will eat well!

Breakfast usually features a freshly sliced array of fruits, vegetables, a choice of eggs, bread, freshly squeezed juices, and even an authentic Café Cubano.

Sometimes we will prepare snacks for lunch as needed, otherwise, we typically eat dinners between 5 pm-8 pm.

For dinner, we will eat at some of the best restaurants in Cuba. We have tried many of the top-rated restaurants and handpicked our favorites to share with you. We will eat altogether most evenings and dine family style, in a similar way to how Cubans eat. We will usually allow at least one evening to dine at your own leisure. Whatever you chose, we have plenty of recommendations for you and we will gladly make any reservations on your behalf.

You will have an experienced professional musician or musicologist as your tour leader. Your tour leader will be bilingual in Spanish and English. Let us know if you speak any other language. We can also get interpreters that speak Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and more.

We also include local tour guides that specialize in different aspects of Cuban culture: history, architecture, art, music, etc. This makes for a comfortable, informative, and exciting experience. (Even if you don’t speak Spanish!)

All tours include pick up and drop off from the airports in Cuba. We arrange daily transportation from the Casa/Villa to all scheduled events and to different cities.

We do not include the flights, but we will help you to book the best fight based on your location. There are many commercial flights available from the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and other parts of Latin America. So, no matter where you are flying from we will help you pick the best connections to join the tour on time.

Prices are per person and vary based on your selection of a Group Casa, Private Casa, Hotel, etc. Each tour has its own options for accommodations listed on the webpage. Some tours are only Casas, and some could be only a Hotel. All options have a private room and private bathroom.

To reserve your spot, we require a $500 USD deposit (50% of the total price for private tours.) Final payments are due around 60 days before tour departure. We have some options for multiple payment plans if needed. Just contact us and let us know.

The prices on our website are all in US Dollars and based on an ACH/Wire bank transfer from our 3rd party merchant or directly from your own bank. If you wish to use a credit or debit card, a 3.5% fee will be added. We do not accept cash or checks.

We have plenty of individuals, couples, groups, and families that travel with us, and everyone has a blast. If you have any special requests, please let us know. We will work with you to make sure you have the perfect space and feel comfortable during your stay.

If our dates do not work for you, keep in mind that we also do personalized tours with custom dates and group sizes. More info here.

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A backstage picture of Telmary performing at Havana Jazz plaza
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