Who are Havana Music Tours?

Havana Music Tours was founded by Chaz Chambers, a professional musician and an avid lover of Cuban music and culture. His primary instrument is the drums, which brought him to Cuba. Chaz first visited Cuba in January 2017 to study percussion. He immediately began developing great relationships inside the music community.

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Not long after Chaz’s first visit to Cuba, he met his other half, Yami Cabrera. Yami is a Cuban musicologist and studied at the famous ISA – Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba’s most prestigious music and art school. Chaz and Yami are both professional musicians and love to travel. They continue to travel constantly and design cultural and theme tours with their mother agency, Musical Getaways.

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While in Cuba, Chaz experienced the highly recommended music spots, the cultural landscape, and its diverse people. Based on his genuine and qualitative experiences, he has worked with his team to craft unique and immersive tours unlike any other tours or experiences available in Cuba.

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Whether you are a musician or desire to experience an art-inspired tour, the truth is that you will be delighted by the authentic musical experiences; architecture, local art; traditional cuisine; and interactions with the Cuban people. You will learn more about your passions in Cuba and explore typical Cuban agricultural life.

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Our Mission is to connect the world with the people of Cuba

How can you be assured of having Cuba’s best musical experiences? Tour with musicians.

Havana Music Tours Tema is made up of artists and musicians. We create unique experiences with other Cuban artists and musicians on our tours.

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Why Cuba?

Cuba is the home of some of the most famous and essential music globally. The musicians and artists have talents beyond the world and their current state. Cuba’s newer and growing private sector has a lot to offer.

You can experience everything from excellent restaurants (paladares), agriculture, architecture, mindfulness, yoga, dancing, rumba music, cigars, rum, music lessons in Cuba!

Visiting Cuba with Havana Music Tours is a positive and life-changing experience.

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