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How to make an authentic Cuban Coffee

 How to make an authentic Café Cubano. VLOG 

By Chaz Chambers (Musician, Tour Guide Leader, and Director of Havana Music Tours and Musical Getaways)

Café Cubano (Cuban Coffee) is one thing that pops up every time you think about Cuba. It’s inevitable. Every lover of Cuban Culture should know how to prepare it. That’s why in this article, we will share our favorite recipe with you so you can learn. Let’s make some Café Cubano!

What should you know about Café Cubano or Cubano Coffee?

Cuban coffee is a cultural icon for the island filled with a lot of history. Coffee was first introduced to the island throughout the 1700s by early Spanish colonialists and immigrating slaves of French colonies. Cuban’s way of making coffee has evolved into a unique brewing style, mixing sugar by default and enjoying each cup as small espresso coffee. 

The current way to make a coffee by the hands of a Cuban still resembles a sort of European nature. Historically limited in their luxurious purchasing abilities, they have also lacked many of the fantastic coffee machines we have all around the world. But, possibly against their knowledge, this could be a good thing for their final product.

Cubans traditionally use a “cafetera” (coffee machine in Spanish), but otherwise known as a percolator in English. This unique gadget holds water, coffee, and the finished product in one tea kettle-looking device. Very different than an expresso machine.

How to make an authentic Cafe Cubano (Cuban Coffee)

Instructions for making a Cuban coffee with a Cafetera

To prepare a Cuban Cofee you will need:

  1. Cafetera or percolator for making coffee
  2. Water
  3. Cuban or other espresso coffee beans
  4. Sugar, preferably brown sugar and raw organic
  5. Stovetop or hotplate
  6. 15 minutes
  7. A small cafecito cup or more for your friends

Steps to the perfect Cuban Coffee

  1. Make sure the cafetera is clean.
  2. Fill the bottom portion of the cafetera with water.
  3. Fill the middle filter with Cuban or espresso-style coffee beans.
  4. Place cafetera on a hot stove to begin boiling
  5. After you hear the bubbling and boiling sound, remove the cafetera and place it to cool slightly
  6. Important! Immediately stir sugar into the top portion of the cafetera while it is still hot. 
  7. Let cool if you prefer, or begin to pour cafecitos for you and your friends to enjoy in your expresso cup.

Enjoy this video from Havana Music Tours owner Chaz Chambers demonstrating how to make an authentic Café Cubano.

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