Havana Film Festival in New York


We are happy to announce that Havana Music Tours is a proud sponsor of the Havana Film Festival in New York. The nonprofit film festival has been around for 20 years and they are doing great with helping to promote Latin American cinema. Showcasing talents from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States. The festival promotes award winning full length films, animation, shorts, documentaries, and classics. All of which help to expand the fascinating latin culture to the world. We highly recommend going to see the festival in New York April 5th-16th, 2019. If you are able to go April 13th, you may be lucky to catch a Havana Music Tours video shortly before cuban music documentary, Eliades Ochoa. 🙂


About HFFNY:

“HFFNY has paid tribute to some of the most important directors and actors including: Fernando Birri (Argentina), Walter Salles (Brazil), Silvio Caiozzi (Chile), Victor Gaviria (Colombia), Humberto Solas (Cuba), Juan Carlos Tabio (Cuba), Luis Alberto Garcia (Cuba), Jorge Perugorría (Cuba), Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Cuba), Arturo Ripstein (Mexico), Jacobo Morales (Puerto Rico), and Estela Bravo (U.S.).

We continue forging a close relationship with our community, providing a multi-cultural experience to different age groups. Our special events, including retrospectives and panel discussions with notable local and international directors, actors, and producers, provide our audience with educational opportunities as well as a behind-the-scenes look at an industry that continues to gain recognition on a global level. By collaborating with other institutions and festivals, HFFNY is able to bring to NY the work of the most dynamic international Latino filmmakers.”

Film Fest schedules below. For more info please visit https://hffny.com/2019

havana film festival new york schedule



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