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Hi Traveler friends,

Good news and bad news. The good news is that Cuba seems to have a good handle on the COV-19 outbreak thus far. Like most of the world, there has been a very strict shelter in place order for over 2 months and it has so far exceeded the expectations of doctors’ and scientists’ projections for Cuba. As of May 30th, 2020, as reported by MINSAP (Ministry of Health in Cuba), there have been 2,025 total COV-19 confirmed cases, 1,795 recoveries, 448 suspected cases, and only 83 COV-19 deaths. We are constantly monitoring the situation and we plan to make more updates as soon as new information becomes available.

The “bad news,” mostly for tourism, (rather good for safety) is that Cuba’s borders will remain closed until further notice per the Ministry of Tourism. Some airlines are making reservations starting in July, but there are no guarantees that the Cuban government will open the borders within that timeframe, especially for tourists.

Some tour operators are planning to restart tours in August 2020. We believe that is too soon and have decided to postpone all of our group tours until 2021. We will resume private and personalized tours in November 2020 and on a case by case basis.

We feel this is the best and safest way to ensure the safety of our travelers. We prefer to allow time for airlines and airports to organize and create efficient processes in a post-COVID-19 travel environment.

We will begin our group tours again with our New Years VIP Music tour on December 27th-January 3rd, 2021. https://havanamusictours.com/vip-music-tour-havana/

Followed by our annual “Havana Jazz Plaza Tour” and our new “Havana Jazz and Rumba Tour.” We also added new dates for our VIP Music Tour already and plan to add more for other tour themes in the next couple of months. View all the dates @ HavanaMusicTours.com

We will be indefinitely reducing the size of our group tours from 10 people to only 8 people maximum. The only exception is for private and personalized tours. (School groups, large families, etc)

We will also be creating a new cancellation addendum that allows for more flexible date exchanges and a credit voucher policy for our future tours. To be announced soon.

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