How to design your trip to Cuba?

How to find accommodations, food, music, and culture experiences in Cuba. Let musicians create the best Itinerary for your Cuba Travel.

centro habana, an overlook of havana cuba

Itinerary Design

You can travel to Cuba in many different ways. Some folks prefer an all-inclusive group tour, and others like solo travelers. There are benefits to each style of travel. But, the complexities of traveling to Cuba can be hard to figure out on your own. 

Cuban culture and economic dynamics are significantly different from the rest of the world, even in places very close to them like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or México. Even if you are an adventure traveler, you should consider talking to a travel expert before you start your trip preparation. 

Suppose you travel from the United States under a “Support for the Cuban People” or any other general Cuba Travel License from OFAC (U.S. Treasury Department). In that case, you will have to fulfill a few obligations. For example, if you use the “Support for the Cuban People” License, you must have a full-time itinerary, abide by the restricted list, and keep your receipts for at least five years.

Most licenses have the same basic requirements, but some details vary within each license. A professionally designed itinerary will help you find the best happenings and, most importantly, keep you legal in your travels to Cuba.

However, it’s not impossible to navigate Cuba, which is one of the safest countries in Latin America. But, some research or local help will avoid some bad experiences.

General cultural activities like walking tours, visiting museums, traditional music, and restaurants, or a day trip to the beach will be easy to organize. Still, if you are looking for a Cuban music & culture experience, some great events will be easy to miss. 

Let our Team help you organize the best Cuba trip; either if you need to design your Cuba Travel Itinerary or a Private Music & Culture Tour, we are here to help. 

When Havana Music Tours owner Chaz first traveled to Cuba he spent many months trying to figure out the best music events, things to see, places to eat, etc. The lack of WiFi and scheduling culture in Cuba made it difficult to create an effective itinerary. He realized after arriving in Havana that each venue has completely different performance times, hours of operation, and even some reservation requirements. A lot of this information is not published online. Our music industry relations in Cuba allows us to find the best happenings. We can then pass these benefits along to you. The itinerary design service is the best way to ensure you accomplish the most educational and cultural activities around Cuba.

Itinerary design is great for people arriving on cruise ships that do not want to buy one of the cruise line’s excursions. Our design service is also great for people who already have most of their trip arranged but are having a hard time with the restaurant, music, and transportation reservations and recommendations. Many cruise lines are offering overnights in Havana and our experience with Cuba can help you to make the best of a short trip.

  • A detailed itinerary with OFAC license requirements.
  • Primary reservations at music venues.
  • Dinner and lunch reservations at some of the top Paladares in Cuba (private restaurants)
  • The arrangement of dance/music lessons.
  • The arrangement of transportation.
  • Advice and education about traveling to Cuba.
  • Booking of Hotels and Casa Particulares.
  • Flight concierge (We help you find the best flights and times)