Square In Cuba

You’ve probably heard about the vintage cars and delicious cuisine, but as cool as those things are, my favorite part of Cuba was the culture. Don’t get me wrong, eating fresh mango and riding in a car from the 50s is amazing, but there’s something truly unique about their culture.

Cuba’s Culture

The city squares teemed with life every morning and evening. The people were very kind and incredibly excited to hear I was from the US. I sat with locals and watched a Cuba vs USA baseball game, and though my spanish is terrible, we still laughed, cheered and hazed each other when our teams did well. I’m a nerd, so of course I hung out and watched the locals play chess in the square. One evening, I even had a local english-speaking professor come up and tell me about the history of their revolution. There’s a sense of community there that I hadn’t really experienced back in the states.

I consider myself something of an astute musicians, art appreciator and lover of random historical knowledge and Cuba appealed to each of these aspects of my character. From beautiful cathedrals to statues of Don Quixote, from vibrant pastel buildings to streetside musicians improving rumba music, my mind was enamored! I will definitely be taking another trip back to this timeless paradise!

If you’ve always wanted to visit Cuba, but you’re worried about the travel bans and regulations; there’s some great articles in the blog that cover these topics. The new regulations were announced 2-3 weeks before I flew down so I had the same concerns: Can Americans still travel to Cuba? What do I have to do to go to Cuba? Etc. There very well may come a time where we will have limited access to that beautiful country, but that time isn’t now! Enjoy it while you can!

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